Rerunning Example Builds After Correcting DB Connection Information
If the build of the examples failed because of incorrect information entered for the database connection parameters, you must delete the examples directory where the failed build results were placed before you rebuild the examples. For example, if you attempted to build examples for ODBC in the 8s configuration and the build failed, you must first delete buildspace\examples\odbc\8s before you can rebuild the examples.
If you do not delete the directory, RCB fails to re-parse the connection information and continues to use the erroneous information, resulting in another failed build.
Alternatively, to rebuild the examples, do the following. Go to the build directory (for example, buildspace\examples\odbc\8s), edit the file tutdefs.h and update the values. Execute the make clean (or nmake clean) command, and then execute the make (or nmake) command.