Using an Imported Buildspec
It is possible to select a buildspec from one buildspace and place that buildspec into a different buildspace. This feature allows you to use an already existing buildspec stored on a network to build a set of components in your local buildspace.
For example, your colleague has a buildspec that you require. Instead of going through the entire RCB question sequence to create a buildspec similar to the one that you require, you can use the original buildspec and store it to your local buildspace. This will save your colleague’s buildspec into your local buildspace\records\specs directory.
NOTE: If the imported buildspec has the same name as a buildspec in the target buildspace, the copy saved in the target buildspace will overwrite the original buildspec. You can avoid this by specifying a user tag in the build tag naming convention option for the imported buildspec. The user tag becomes part of the buildspec name, making it different from the name in the target buildspace.