Deleting Buildspace Files According to Buildtype and Module
For more specific needs, the rwclean utility also includes an extended set of arguments that allow you to specify particular files, buildtypes, and modules to be cleaned from the buildspec. The following example is based on the Essential Tools Module and Threads trace package example, which we have used throughout this chapter:
rwclean --jre -b c:\rwav [-a clean] -t 12s -p tools trace
This command line deletes the following for the tools module and the trace package: example and source build artifacts, libraries, build results, build logs, characterization files, and configuration-specific header files, but NOT the buildspec, from the 12s build in c:\rwav. The -a argument is optional; if no -a argument is provided, rwclean uses -a clean by default. See Table 4 for a complete list and description of rwclean arguments.
NOTE: For a complete list of module and package specifiers, see the file, located at:
In other words, the above invocation of rwclean deletes:
*Example and source build artifacts from c:\rwav\examples\trace\12s and c:\rwav\examples\tools\12s
*Libraries from c:\rwav\lib
*Build results from c:\rwav\records\results\12s
NOTE: If there are also results for other modules or packages in c:\rwav\records\results\12s, those results will be deleted, even though we did not specify those modules or packages.
*Build logs from rcb_install\admin\logs
*Characterization files from c:\rwav\records\ch13n\12s
*Configuration header files from c:\rwav\rw\config
This command is useful if you run a buildspec that fails. In this case, you can delete the files generated by the failed build, but you still have the buildspec, which you can run again once the cause of the build problem has been corrected.