More About Linking to Libraries
The name used for compiled SourcePro libraries is based on these elements:
*product mnemonic, such as tls for the Essential Tools Module
*for all naming conventions except the SPM convention for static builds, the component major and minor version numbers
*the build tag, which depends on the naming convention selected when creating the buildspec in RCB
*the extension, which is .lib or .dll on Windows and varies for UNIX
The build tag element is the most complex. Here is a summary of the three naming conventions and the build tags they generate:
The build tag is a combination of a number component from 8 to 15 plus a binding letter, s for static or d for dynamic. If there is a user tag, it is placed at the end.

For example, a static build with the build type 8s and the user tag baja creates a library named tls8sbaja.lib on Windows, or tls8sbaja.a on Solaris.

For dynamic builds, the version numbers are included in the shared library name, so a 15d build of this same component yields a shared library named tls<ver>15dbaja.dll on Windows or tls<ver> on Solaris. On Windows, the dynamic build also generates an import library, whose name is tls15dbaja.lib.
The RCB convention uses a system of single letters (or the absence of any letter) to represent the main build configuration options. For a table of these values, see Appendix A.The pattern for the library name is:

-> product mnemonic
-> the component version number
-> user tag, if defined
-> a dash
-> the single letter codes shown in Appendix A
-> the extension

An example with the build type s and the user tag baja is tls<ver>baja-s.lib on Windows or tls<ver>baja-s.a on Solaris. The dynamic build equivalent differs in dropping the s for static, leaving no tag, and substituting the dynamic extension: tls<ver>baja.dll on Windows, tls<ver> on Solaris.
Verbose RCB
The verbose convention forms library names the same way as the short RCB convention, except that the letter codes are replaced by meaningful strings. Using the above example from the RCB convention, the code s becomes
_NoThrLib_Static_Release and the library name becomes:
or tls<ver>baja-_NoThrLib_Static_Release.a

The dynamic equivalents are:
or tls<ver>
For a table summarizing the three naming conventions and the build tags they generate, see Appendix A.