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class  rwsf::Attribute
 Provides a wrapper around any type to hold attribute values. More...
class  rwsf::Config
 Base class for classes that encapsulate information from deployment descriptors. More...
class  rwsf::NamedObject
 A handle to a named object implementation. A named object is loaded at service startup and is then available to any services in a context. More...
class  rwsf::NamedObjectImp
 Abstract interface that is the body class for the NamedObject handle. To create a concrete instance, use a NamedObjectImp subtype. More...
class  rwsf::NamingContext
 Contains all NamedObject instances for a service, acting like a global registry and instantiating each object at startup. More...
class  rwsf::PointerNamedObjectImp< T >
 A subtype of NamedObjectImp used to wrap an object, as a pointer, in a NamedObject handle. More...
class  rwsf::TypedNamedObjectImp< T >
 A subtype of NamedObjectImp used to wrap an object instance in a NamedObject handle. More...

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