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Core Date/Time Manipulation

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class  rwsf::DateTime
 Represents a data and time as milliseconds from January 1, 1901 00:00:00:000 UTC. More...
struct  rwsf::DaylightBoundary
 Encapsulates the month, week, weekday, and minute of a Daylight Saving Time rule. More...
struct  rwsf::DaylightRule
 Represents a single Daylight Saving Time rule. More...
class  rwsf::Locale
 Abstract base class to format conversion of strings to and from dates and times. More...
class  rwsf::LocaleSnapshot
 Creates a snapshot of a locale by querying the program's environment to determine the formatting conventions in effect at the moment of instantiation. More...
class  rwsf::TimeSpan
 Provides constructors to create a timespan instance, and convenience methods to access its different parts. More...
class  rwsf::TimeZone
 Abstract base class for customizing timezone details. More...
class  rwsf::TimeZoneSimple
 Implementation of abstract base class rwsf::TimeZone. More...

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