File Naming
As described in the remainder of this chapter, HydraExpress creates classes corresponding to top-level elements and complex types defined in the XML Schema. Generally, HydraExpress creates a header and a source file for each class, with the file name based on the unqualified name of the element or type. The exception is when multiple items have the same name but in different namespaces, as described above.
It is also possible for there to be name conflicts between elements, types, and groups in the same namespace. These are handled as follows:
*If an element name conflicts with a type name, the generated class name remains the same; that is, it follows the standard naming conventions.
*If a type name conflicts with an element name, the generated class for the type has the string Type appended to its name.
So, for example, if a schema defined an element named Address and a type named Address, HydraExpress would generate a class Address for the element and a class AddressType for the type.