Mapping XML Schema to C++
Purpose and Overview
This chapter describes the process of creating a C++ XML binding from an XML Schema. It describes in detail the structure of an XML Schema and the mapping of its definitions to C++. A mapping is a set of rules that defines the conceptual representations that the C++ classes use to model the grammar defined and constrained by the schema.
XML names may include characters that are not valid C++ identifiers. Also, the mapping must consider namespaces defined in the schema. HydraExpress handles these issues as described in Names and Identifiers.
HydraExpress provides two mappings for types defined by XML Schema. The default mapping uses data classes from the Standard C++ Library. A second mapping, provided for customers of Rogue Wave SourcePro C++, uses SourcePro data classes. Simple Types describes these mappings.
Complex Types describes the way HydraExpress generates classes for complex types.