Command Line Procedure
NOTE: On UNIX/Linux, you must set your RWSF_HOME environment variable before using the makefiles. On Windows, be sure you have set up your environment properly and set up your command window with the MSVC environment. See Chapter 2, “Setup,” in the HydraExpress User Guide.
1. To build only the generated classes, go to the directory containing the generated output:
cd installdir\examples\xmlbinding\basic\basicExample
2. Invoke the following command:
This command builds a release mode shared library that contains the generated classes.
3. To build the libraries and the sample application together, issue the nmake or make command and specify the sample po_main application target:
nmake po_main.exe
make po_main
4. Change to the directory basicExample\bin, and run the po_main application at the command prompt, as shown here:
prompt> po_main