Basic Purchase Order Example
This example illustrates the basic steps of how to use HydraExpress to create an XML binding. This example uses the Purchase Order example, as presented in the document XML Schema Part 0: Primer. To view this document, go to
The Purchase Order example defines an XML instance document that was generated by a home products ordering and billing application. The XML document has a schema associated with it. This schema defines both complex and simple types and defines how they are used to form an XML document that is understood by the home products ordering and billing application.
HydraExpress provides the example po.xsd in the directory shown below, where installdir represents the location of your HydraExpress installation.
This chapter describes how to use HydraExpress to generate C++ classes using the rwsfgen command, which generates C++ header and source files, makefiles, a sample application file, and HTML API documentation.
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