Execute the Code Generator
To use the HydraExpress code generator with the Purchase Order schema, po.xsd:
1. Set up your environment, following the instructions in Chapter 2, “Setup,” in the HydraExpress User Guide.
2. Go to the directory installdir\examples\xmlbinding\basic\.
3. Invoke the HydraExpress code generator, using the command shown below.
rwsfgen example-project.xml
The HydraExpress project file example-project.xml directs the compiler rwsfgen to generate a project named basicExample, based on the po.xsd schema, with the whitespace=true option. The project name is required, provided either as a command line option (-projectname projectname) or in the HydraExpress project file.
NOTE: The HydraExpress project file example-project.xml includes all options and files to be used as an argument to the code generator; so using this file results in exactly the same generated code as providing the options and files directly. For more information on the use of HydraExpress project files in the shipped examples, see “The Use of the HydraExpress Project File in Shipped Examples,” in the HydraExpress User Guide.
For complete information about the command-line options, see Generator Options,” in the HydraExpress Web Service Development Guide.