Fault Handlers
Fault handlers are invoked in cases where an exception is thrown during message processing. They can be used to provide custom message handling in such cases. The exception message is stored in the rwsf::CallInfo object as a string property named rwsf:FaultMessage, and can be accessed by invoking getStringProperty("rwsf:FaultMessage") on the rwsf::CallInfo object.
Fault handlers behave differently on the client and server sides.
*On the client side, after the fault handler is invoked the exception is rethrown.
*On the server side, before the fault handler is invoked the response is set to a rwsf::ServerFault, which contains the exception message. Then the fault handler is invoked, giving you the option of changing the response as needed. After the fault handler completes processing, no other handlers, including transport handlers, are invoked before the response is sent back to the client.