Types of SOAP Handlers
HydraExpress supports four categories of handlers:
*transport handlers
*request handlers
*response handlers
*fault handlers
It is important to understand how each type of handler is processed in the Agent in order to select the best handler for your needs. Figure 8 illustrates how handlers are invoked in a client application and in the Agent. How each handler is affected by this invocation is discussed in the following sections.
NOTE: This diagram is based on a request-response message pattern. For a one-way request, the client sends the request but the Agent does not send a return message, so the response handlers are not invoked; conversely, for a notification pattern, the request originates in the Agent and the client does not send back a response. For solicit-response, the Agent sends the request, and the client does respond, so the order is simply reversed.
Figure 8 – Handler Invocation