Looking at the Generated Code
The resulting generated service operation method for the prevDay operation would not include the complex type sns::PreviousDay at all, instead using its elements Unit and identifier as parameters:
void BusinessDayPortTypeImp::prevDay(
rwsf::CallInfo& callInfo, const std::string& Unit_in,
int identifier_in)
{ ... }
By comparison, the same WSDL without the -wrapped option results in a generated service operation method that takes an input parameter of type sns::PreviousDay, as follows:
void BusinessDayPortTypeImp::prevDay(rwsf::CallInfo& callInfo,
sns::PrevDay input_in);
Some WSDLs cannot be used with the -wrapped option. If this is the case, the HydraExpress Agent will return an error:
WARNING: WSDL file: C:\RogueWave\HydraExpress\examples\webservices\DayOfWeek\DayO
fWeek.wsdl is NOT eligible for wrapped style.