Wrapped Style Operations
HydraExpress recognizes the wrapped document style. This feature allows you to generate an “unwrapped” interface for the proxy and server. Here are the WSDL requirements:
*The input message definition must have a single part.
*The part must be an element. The part name does not matter.
*The element must have the same name as the related operation.
*The element's complex type must have only a name attribute.
*The operation must use a "document" style binding (i.e. not "rpc").
If you generate code using the -wrapped option, and your WSDL meets the above requirements, HydraExpress will “unwrap” the top level element, and treat each of the element’s parts as arguments to the operation.
Both input and output elements are unwrapped, effectively removing the “wrapper” or top-level element from the generated interface.