Build and Run the Example
Build and run the example, as usual. For basic information on compiling and deploying, see Compiling the Service and Deploying the Service.
Before building this example, remember to copy the provided sample files from the <installdir>\examples\webservices\MIME directory to the directory in which you generated code (called MIMEExample below), allowing the provided files to overwrite the generated files, as follows:
Copy to MIMEExample\app\server
Copy to MIMEExample\app\server
Copy to MIMEExample\app\client
Run the client from the MIMEExample\bin directory:
prompt> DocumentManagerPortClient.exe
Sending document: readme.txt
Sending document: project.xml
Received document: project.xml
contents= <project>This is a simple xml document.</project>
Received document: readme.txt
contents= This is a simple readme document.