Compiling the Service
HydraExpress creates makefiles for building the server and client code. To build the server from the command line using the makefiles, go to Compiling Using the Makefile.
If you are on Windows, you can also build the client and server code using the generated solution (MSVC) file, as described in Compiling Using the Makefile.
Before building this example, copy the provided sample files from the <installdir>\examples\webservices\DayofWeek to the new DayOfWeekExample directory, allowing the provided files to overwrite the generated files, as follows:
Copy to DayOfWeekExample\app\client
Copy to DayOfWeekExample\app\server
NOTE: Make sure that you have set up your environment as described in Chapter 2, Setup in the HydraExpress User Guide and be sure you have set up your command window with the MSVC environment.
A Note on Deploying the Client Application
The generated makefile includes a deploy target to deploy the sample client. If you have compiled the client using MSVC on Windows, a deployment batch file is generated for your convenience. See Deploying Services Compiled with MSVC.