A Sample Project File
Let’s look at a simple project file. If you generated code using the default options for the example DayOfWeek located in your <installdir>\examples\webservices\DayOfWeek directory, you will have the following project file in a code generation directory DayofWeekExample:
<rwsf-codegen-project> <options> <!--1-->
<option name='haltonerror' value='true'/>
<option name='project-name' value='DayOfWeekExample'/> <!--2-->
<option name='logfilename' value='rwsfgen.log'/>
<option name='datamap'
<option name='stl' value='true'/>
<option name='outdir' <!--3-->
<option name='sample' value='true'/>
<option name='toplevelclasses' value='true'/>
<option name='html' value='true'/>
<option name='client' value='true'/>
<option name='server' value='true'/>
<option name='standalone' value='false'/>
<option name='soapenc' value='false'/>
<option name='make' value='true'/>
<option name='clean' value='true'/>
<option name='makefilename' value='makefile'/>
<option name='ordinalanonymous' value='false'/>
<option name='verbose' value='false'/>
<option name='whitespace' value='true'/>
<option name='childtypeattr' value='true'/>
<option name='wrapped' value='false'/>
<option name='sourcepro' value='false'/>
<option name='maxgentypes' value='0'/>
<mappings> <!--4-->
<name xsdname="choice" xsdtype="" name="ChoiceElement" namespace=""/>
<files> <!--5-->
<input file='C:\RogueWave\hydraexpress\examples\
//1 The options element includes all options, either default options, or options provided to the generator on the command line. For instance, because the whitespace option was set to true in the initial example-project.xml file provided on the command line, the option is copied to the generated project file, DayOfWeekExample.xml. The whitespace option would have been the default value, false, otherwise. (See Generator Options for a list of all generator options and their default values.)
//2 The project-name is a required option and is the basis for the name of the generated project file, as well as the name of the code generation directory.
Note: HydraExpress supports only file paths without spaces, so do not include spaces in file or directory names.
//3 The outdir value corresponds to the name of the code generation directory, including its full path. This value defaults to the project-name.
//4 The mapping element contains any customized datatype mappings you provided to the generator. Note that one customized mapping is always present, to map any schema element named choice to an object ChoiceElement. Without this mapping, a conflict could occur between an element named choice, and XML Schema’s <xsd:choice>.
//5 The files element lists all WSDLs or XML Schemas provided to the generator. Any number of WSDLs or schemas are supported.
If you wish to override elements in the project file, you may enter them on the command line. Any options entered on the command line override those inside the HydraExpress project file. In addition, if you provide more than one HydraExpress project file to the code generator, the values in the last project file override any previously-set values in the event of conflicts. See Conflicting Options and Property Precedence for more information on property precedence.