Adding the mappings to an existing HydraExpress Project File
If you have already generated code for a project and therefore have a generated HydraExpress project file, the easiest method is to add the mappings element’s contents directly to the HydraExpress project file. A default project file contains an empty mappings element.
For example, following is an excerpt of a generated HydraExpress project file based on an XML Schema charConversion.xsd:
<option name='project-name' value='CharConvert'/>
Insert your mappings here.
<xsd file='D:\HydraExpress\xmlbinding\charConversion.xsd'/>
Insert the contents of your mappings element into the empty mappings element, then generate code as always, providing the HydraExpress project file as an argument. For example,
prompt> rwsfgen CharConvert.xml
generates code into a directory CharConvert, based on the options in CharConvert.xml.