The Service Implementation
The GreetingPortType service operations are implemented by the service implementation class GreetingPortTypeImp.
To implement the server, you may either implement the methods of this class or derive your own class from GreetingPortTypeBase. In this example, we will use the provided implementation GreetingPortTypeImp located at <installdir>\examples\HelloWorld.
#include <rwsf/webservice/Fault.h> //1
#include <rwsf/core/NamedObject.h>
#include "GreetingPortTypeImp.h"
GreetingPortTypeImp::sayHello(rwsf::CallInfo& callInfo,
const std::string& hellorequest_in)
return std::string("Hello " + hellorequest_in); //3
//1 Include headers.
//2 This macro registers your service, requiring only the default name for the implementation class as an argument.
//3 Implements the service operation method sayHello() by returning a string “Hello.”
The section Compiling and Running the Application explains how to compile and run the example program.