The Generated Application Samples
By default, HydraExpress produces sample client and service implementations. For the operation sayHello located at portType GreetingPortType, its code generator produces:
*a sample client implementation GreetingPortClient located in the directory HelloWorldExample\app\client. This implementation uses the generated proxy, GreetingBindingProxy located HelloWorldExample/codegen/client.
*a sample service implementation GreetingPortTypeImp located in directory HelloWorldExample\app\server.
NOTE: The files in the project\app directory are meant to be edited and used to implement your client and service. The files in the project\codegen directory provide background functionality and should not be edited.
To implement the client and server, you can implement the methods in these generated sample implementations, or create your own implementations. In most cases, modifying the sample implementation is the simplest approach.
For this example, we will use the provided implementations, which are located directly in the HelloWorld directory, as follows:
GreetingPortClient.cpp //provided client implementation
GreetingPortTypeImp.cpp //provided server implementation
The following sections explain how to use the client and server implementations.