Issues with Large Complex Schemas
Large schemas can result in quite long generation times, and may also cause heap overflow in Java or create linking issues. To avoid these problems:
*Adjust your settings for the environment variable RW_JAVAOPT, which sends the specified options to Java at each invocation of the code generator By default, the generator sets RW_JAVAOPT to -Xmx512M, which sets the heap size to 512 MB. This heap size is sufficient for most large schemas, although some very large schemas may require an even higher value.
*Invoke rwsfgen with the -nohtml option. While the generated documentation is useful for understanding the generated code, its generation adds significantly to the total generation time for complex schemas.
*Generate code using the -maxgentypes option (Generator Options) for schemas with more than 65,000 types. This option separates the generated types into several different libraries to avoid linker issues.