The HydraExpress Agent runtime and the servlet API together support the development and hosting of C++ servlets.
The Agent runtime includes connectors and handlers that process incoming requests and pass them to the Agent’s servlet container. The Agent can be configured in various ways to support custom connectors, handlers, logging, and other features.
The servlet API has one package, Servlet, which contains classes for writing C++ servlets. These servlets can integrate C++ applications with the Web using approaches other than Web services. Because C++ servlets are compiled, you can expect significantly better performance than you would obtain using Java servlets for this purpose.
This manual is an introduction to using HydraExpress to develop and run servlets written in C++. It assumes that you are familiar with basic C++ programming and object-oriented design practices. It also assumes that you are familiar with servlet technology.
This manual does not discuss how to customize the Agent runtime. For more information on the runtime, see the HydraExpress User Guide.