Attaching files to a bug

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To describe a bug more accurately, you might need to attach related files. The rightmost section of the Item detail pane is the Attachments section. It displays a list of files attached to the current bug.

Attaching a file

Attach files drop-down menu

The easiest way to attach a file is to drag-and-drop it into the attachments section. Attachments can also be made by using the Attach files dropdown menu, which contains an option for attaching documents from within Hansoft.

When attaching a file, a dialog will appear, prompting for additional information about the file attached.

When attaching a folder you have the option to Attach files under sub folders (instead of just adding them). Ticking this box will result in items under sub folders to be attached as separate files. Leaving this box un-ticked results in sub folders being attached as single files. Click this file to explore the folder.

Supported image file formats can be automatically previewed in the main view by clicking them. Double-clicking an attachment will open it in the application associated with the file format.