Saving the current requirement document view

You can save the current view of an open requirement document so you can apply it again later with the same column layout and filter, or share it with other team members. See Applying saved requirement document views.

Tip:  You can also add saved views without configuring them in the document first. See Adding saved requirement document views.

1. Configure the columns and filter for the view in the open document. See Changing item list columns and Applying filters.

2. Click Views and choose Add Saved View.

The Add Saved View dialog box opens. The filter and columns from the open document are automatically used. You can change the values before saving the view.

Note:  If you search before saving the view, you are prompted to save the search results as a filter. To save a filter, click Save, enter a filter name in the Add Filter dialog box, and click Add. If you do not save the results, <Not Filtered> is selected in the Add Saved View dialog box.

3. Enter a Name to identify the view. You can enter up to 32 characters.

4. Enter a Description to explain the information the view displays. You can enter up to 255 characters.

5. Select a Share with option.

  • No one prevents all other users and customers from using the view.
  • Everyone shares the view with all users and customers.
  • All users shares the view with other users.
  • All customers shares the view with customers.
  • Specific users and customers shares the view with the selected users and customers.
  • Security groups shares the view with the selected security groups.

6. Select a Filter to only display specific requirements in the view.

the Warning icon indicates a conflict between the selected filter and users the view is shared with. Make sure the filter is shared with users who use the view. See Editing filters.

7. Expand the Document Columns options to select the columns to display in the view.

Select the columns to include from the Available columns list and click the Add button to move them to the Selected columns list. You can search for columns by name. Click the arrow buttons to reorder the columns. To remove a column, select it in the Selected columns list and click the Remove button.

8. Click Add to save the view.