Editing requirements directly in documents

You can edit requirements directly in requirement documents. This helps you make changes within the context of the entire document and work on changes to several requirements at once instead of opening each one to edit individually.

Keep the following in mind:

  • To modify requirement workflow events or other information not displayed in the document, select the requirement, click the gear icon, and choose Edit Details. See Editing requirements.
  • If the current requirement version is shared in multiple documents, all instances of the requirement are updated.
  • If you need to update field values for multiple requirements in a document, use bulk change fields to quickly update multiple items simultaneously. See Bulk changing fields to update multiple items.
  • You cannot edit requirements in document snapshots.

1. In the document, double-click the requirement. You can also click the gear icon next to the requirement and choose Edit.

The requirement opens for editing in the Edit Requirement area below the requirement. A red line and pencil icon are displayed to indicate you are editing the requirement. Other indicators may be displayed to provide additional information about the requirement. See Requirement and document indicators.

2. Make any changes and click Save to save the requirement.

Click Cancel to discard the changes. When you are prompted to save the changes, click Don't Save.