Configuring Helix ALM Web

Helix ALM Web is a web-based client for accessing Helix ALM project data. The Helix ALM Web Server Admin Utility is a web-based client for managing server configurations. You can use these clients in a supported browser from any computer.

The web clients use a set of HTML files and CGI scripts, which are hosted and configured on a web server.


The web components are installed during server or custom installations. After installation, you need to configure the web server before users can log in using the web clients. See Supported Web Servers for a list of supported web servers.

See the following information to configure your web server.

Tip:  If you use IIS, you can also configure single sign-on for Helix ALM web clients to let users log in using their network credentials. See the license server admin help for information.

Security notes

  • We strongly recommend configuring HTTPS for Helix ALM Web installations.
    • Support for multiple browser tabs is not available unless HTTPS is configured.
    • Login credentials sent from web clients to the CGIs are not encrypted, even if encryption is enabled on the server. Use HTTPS to encrypt communication from the browser to the CGIs on the web server.
  • Clickjacking can occur when hackers use transparent frames or iframes to embed content in web pages to trick users into clicking buttons or hyperlinks on a different web page in another domain or application. To protect your data and prevent clickjacking in Helix ALM Web and the license server web admin utility, configure the web server that hosts them to include X-Frame-Options and Content-Security-Policy HTTP response headers. See Preventing Clickjacking Attempts on Helix ALM Web Clients for information.


To use Helix ALM Web, you only need to enter the URL in a web browser. See Starting Helix ALM.

You may also need to install the Helix ALM URL Redirector to access ttstudio hyperlinks. See Installing the Helix ALM URL Redirector.