Configuring Microsoft IIS 6 for Helix ALM Web

After you install the Helix ALM web components, you need to configure the web server before users can log in to web clients.

See Supported Web Servers for information about supported Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) versions. Refer the IIS documentation for information about enabling CGI execution and authentication.

Note:  If you use IIS 7 or later, see Configuring Microsoft IIS 7 and later for Helix ALM Web.

Creating a CGI directory alias

Note:  If you are configuring IIS for the Helix ALM License Server Web Admin Utility and Helix ALM Web, and the CGIs for both applications are in the same directory (e.g., C:\inetpub\scripts), you only need to create one CGI directory alias.

1. Open IIS Manager.

2. Expand the server computer and Web Sites nodes.

3. Right-click Default Web Site and choose New > Virtual Directory.

The Virtual Directory Creation Wizard opens.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions. Enter the following information when prompted:

  • Enter ‘scripts’ as the Alias.
  • Set the Directory to the path that was entered during the Helix ALM installation for the ttcgi.exe program. The default path is C:\inetpub\scripts.
  • Select the following Access Permissions: Read, Run scripts, Execute.

5. Click Finish to save the changes.

Enabling the .exe CGI extension

1. In IIS Manager, expand the server computer and Web Sites nodes and select Web Service Extensions.

2. Click Add a new Web service extension in the Web Service Extensions pane.

3. Enter 'Helix ALM' as the Extension name.

4. Click Add.

5. Enter the path to the ttcgi.exe program and click OK. The default location is C:\inetpub\scripts\ttcgi.exe.

6. Select Set extension status to Allowed.

7. Click OK.

8. Repeat steps 4 through 7 for other web clients you use.

  • If you use the web server admin utility, add ttadmcgi.exe.
  • If you use SOAP, add ttsoapcgi.exe.
  • If you use an external source control provider, such as Git, add ttextpro.exe.

9. Click OK to save the changes.

Enabling Active Server pages

1. In IIS Manager, expand Web Sites and then click Web Service Extensions.

2. In the Web Service Extensions pane, click Active Server Pages and then click Allow.

3. Restart IIS.

Note:  If you cannot log in to Helix ALM web clients, see Web Clients Return a 404-Page Not Found Error.