Installing Helix Plan Web as a service on Windows

Perform the following tasks to install and run Helix Plan Web on Windows as a service.

1. Download and install an LTS version of node.js, v18 or later.

2. Download Helix Plan Web and unzip it.

3. In .\HelixPlanAPI, rename config-example.env to .env.

4. Configure the server details in .env as required.

5. Rename to nginx.conf and make any necessary changes if required.

6. In .\certificates, replace the existing certificate example with your own.

This can either be a certificate acquired from a certificate authority or a self-signed certificate, generated locally with OpenSSL. The following is an example for generating a self-signed certificate with OpenSSL:

openssl req -x509 -newkey rsa:4096 -keyout web.key -out web.pem -sha256 -days 365 -nodes

Example certificates are provided, which you can use to get up and running. To use these, rename the example files to web.key and web.pem.

Note:  The example certificates are for testing purposes only, and do not create a secure connection.

7. Start Powershell as Administrator.

8. Run .\install.ps1

9. Visit https://localhost

10. If you want to let users open the Hansoft desktop client from the web client, set the hostname for the Hansoft Server.