Installing and configuring the Helix Plan web client

Tip:  The following information is only for administrative users. If you only need to use the web client to do your work, you do not need to install anything. Ask your administrator for the URL and your credentials if you do not have them. Log in when you have this information. See Logging in.

Before team members can use the Helix Plan web client, an administrative user must install and configure the required components.

Installation and configuration

Perform the following tasks to install and configure the Helix Plan web client.

1. Download and install Helix Web Plan for your platform:

2. Start a web browser and enter the Helix Plan web client URL to test the installation.

The URL includes the domain name or IP address to the web service host. For example,

3. Provide team members with the URL and login information so they can get started using the Helix Plan web client.