Using authentication tokens

You can use tokens to authenticate the Hansoft web client and some integrations with the server instead of a username and password. A token is a unique string that provides secure access to Hansoft. When you use a token, you can stay logged in to Hansoft until the token expires or you log out.

Note:  You can only use tokens if they are enabled for the Hansoft server. Administrative users can enable tokens in the Hansoft Server Administrator. See the server administrator guide for information.

1. Add a token. Make sure you copy the token value. See Adding authentication tokens.

Tip:  You can add multiple tokens if you want to use different ones for different purposes.

2. When logging in to the Hansoft web client or an integration that uses the Hansoft web service, enter your Hansoft username and enter the token value as the password.

After successful login, you will stay logged in until the token expires or you log out.