Rogue Wave Elixir Enterprise 2016 for Flex

General information

Rogue Wave Elixir Enterprise provides Flex developers an extensive collection of interactive components helping end users to: understand information quickly, react faster, and make better decisions.

Rogue Wave Elixir Enterprise is composed of three parts:

What's new?

System requirements

Adobe Flex SDK can be found on the Adobe site at:

Apache Flex SDK can be found on the Apache site at:

How to use the product

How to run the samples

With Microsoft Windows, all the samples can be run directly from the Sample Launcher available in the Windows Start menu. As the Sample Launcher needs to access local files, remote files, and web pages, the "Global Flash Player Trust directory" and configuration files are used, allowing administrative users and installer applications to register specified local SWF files as trusted for all users. You are required to close all browser windows after installation to have the configuration taken into account.

With Mac OS™ X, you can run the samples from the Rogue Wave Elixir Enterprise folder created on your desktop.

If you want to run the samples from the hard disk, point your browser to the samples directory in your Rogue Wave Elixir Enterprise installation. There is a subdirectory for each sample and each sample has an html directory that contains the compiled sample.

How to recompile the samples

To recompile the samples with ant , use the build.bat or scripts provided in the samples directories. You must set the environment variable JAVA_HOME to point to a valid J2SE or JRE installation and the environment variable ANT_HOME to point to a valid Apache Ant installation (Apache Ant 1.8.0 or later) for the Ant build scripts to work. You must also set the environment variable FLEX_HOME to point to a compatible Adobe Flex SDK.

To recompile the samples using Adobe Flash Builder you can import each sample directory as a Flash Builder project using the File/Import/Flex Project... command and then choose the Project folder option.

How to run the AIR sample

To run the AIR Filemap sample you must first install it by launching the airsamples/filemap/filemap.air installer available in your Rogue Wave Elixir Enterprise installation directory. This creates a new Rogue Wave Elixir Filemap menu to launch the sample AIR application. You must install AIR runtime before you install the AIR Filemap sample.

Google® Chrome™

The sample launcher is not working on Chrome without these steps:


Known Issues:

Feedback is welcome

You can provide feedback or foster discussions about the product by subscribing to the Rogue Wave Elixir Enterprise forums at: