Visualization for C++

Visualization for C++, including Views, Server, and DB Link, offers the broadest set of high-performance interactive advanced graphic components for building a wide variety of business, scientific, and data exploration graphical user interfaces.

This page points to some key features and getting started info.
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Views User Guide Quick Start Guide Supported Platforms Guide

What’s New in 7.1?

Views 7.1 includes features that allow handling of shortcut key sequences when a pop-up menu is displayed, install Views and its products using installer keys, and third-party software updates.

See What's New in 7.1 Views 7.1 Release Notes

Server 7.1

Represent the elements and topology of a supervised system as shared in-memory services with Server. Modeling abstractions match those offered by object-oriented design notation like UML, and Server bridges the gap between business model design and implementation.

Server User Guide Server 7.1 Release Notes

"Develop once, port anywhere" database connectivity for Visualization C++ applications.

C++ developers have database access code that is portable across platforms and databases.

DB Link User Guide DB Link 7.1 Release Notes

Optional Views products for Charts, Maps, Data Access and Graph Layout extend the power of Views C++ components. To explore more:

Views Charts Views Maps Views Data Access Views Graph Layout