SFL Build Wizard
The Foundation<ver>.vcproj file in the Foundation<ver>.sln solution invokes NMAKE with a different target name for each configuration. The makefile passed to NMAKE is called Foundation.mak. Foundation.mak is generated by the Stingray Build Wizard utility. The Build Wizard is a makefile generator that allows you to select various library build options and to create a makefile. Running the Build Wizard is optional, because a default makefile is installed with SFL. You need to run the Build Wizard only to customize library names or exclude features from the library.
You can run the Build Wizard from the Windows Start menu by selecting All Programs | Perforce | Stingray Studio <Version> |Stingray Foundation Library | Foundation Build Wizard. It can also be run by double-clicking the FoundationBuildWiz.exe program in your <InstallDir>\Utils directory.
Please refer to the “Build Wizard” section in the Getting Started Guide for more information.