Chapter 2 Getting Started
Building the SFL Libraries
Before you begin using the Stingray Foundation Library, you must build one or more configurations of the library. You can build the SFL library as a static library or as a DLL. You can also build it with or without support for the Microsoft Foundation Library. If you are developing ATL-based components or applications, you may want to build the library without MFC support to reduce the size of your .exe or .dll. You can build SFL to support either the Unicode or ASCII character sets. Each configuration can be built with debug information or in release mode. The various configuration options result in twenty combinations for the build.
You can obtain prebuilt versions of the libraries by request to Perforce technical support. Libraries are available for Windows XP and Vista with the currently supported compilers. We recommend, however, that you build the libraries yourself. The prebuilt libraries are built with a particular instance of Visual Studio and the Windows operating system. Building the libraries yourself ensures that they are compatible with your version of the compiler and the operating system they are built on.
SFL Library Naming Conventions
A standard naming convention applies to each SFL build. Once you are familiar with the convention, you can determine the features of each SFL build by its name. This convention, shown in Figure 1, is a factory-supplied default. You can change the library names with the Build Wizard, which is described later in this section.
Figure 1 – Naming convention for SFL library