Setting the Symbol Type
Every component has a string that defines its type. For primitive components, the type typically matches the default name of the component. For example, a rectangle is of type Rectangle. You can see the type string in the component property sheet on the General tab.
Objective Views allows you to assign a custom type to a symbol. Consider the following scenario:
*You create a symbol that looks like a Stingray.
*You assign it a type of Stingray.
Now, whenever an end-user views properties for the symbol, the type is Stingray.
Figure 62 – Symbol Type toolbar
You can set the type for a symbol in Symbol Designer. To open the Symbol Type dialog, either select Symbol Type from the Edit menu or click the Symbol Type button on the toolbar.
NOTE >> After you assign a name to the type, Symbol Designer saves the type to the symbol the next time you save it.