Stingray Studio : Objective Views User’s Guide : Chapter 5 Objective Views The Symbol Designer
Chapter 5 Objective Views The Symbol Designer
Purpose of the Symbol Designer
The Symbol Designer helps you create and save symbol objects for use in your Objective Views application. With the Symbol Designer, you can define the visual characteristics of a symbol and determine where other symbols can connect to it. Once you finish designing a symbol, you can save it to disk for later use. This method enables you to create a library of symbol objects for use in any number of Objective Views applications.
Once you save a symbol to disk, you can incorporate it into your application in one of two ways. You can either add the symbol file as a custom resource if you want to compile it with your executable, or you can leave the symbol file on disk and then open it from your application whenever you need it. If you decide to leave the symbol on disk, you need to distribute the symbol files with your application. Consider using this method if you expect some of the symbols to change after you distribute the application. Saving the symbols separately enables you to change symbols without recompiling the executable.