File Export
This feature allows the user to export the canvas to a file using one of several common graphics file formats. Objective Views currently supports file export to Windows Enhanced Metafile Format and several bitmap graphic formats. The enhanced metafile format is a vector graphics format supported by most Windows drawing programs.
Export to bitmap graphic formats is implemented using the Objective Toolkit SECImage class. Objective Views can export to any class derived from SECImage. Support for the following formats is always shipped with Objective Views.
*Windows device-independent bitmap (DIB or BMP).
*JFIF (JPEG file interchange format).
The following formats are available in Objective Toolkit Pro:
*PCX (PC Paintbrush)
*GIF (Graphics Interchange format)
*TGA (Targa image file)
*TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)
To export to a file, select the File|Export command from the menu. This opens the standard Windows File Save dialog. The file type can be selected from the combo box below the filename field.