Stingray Studio : Objective Views User’s Guide : Chapter 4 Product Overview
Chapter 4 Product Overview
Introduction to Product Overview
This section describes Objective Views’s features from an end user’s perspective. Applications developed with Objective Views can include some or all of the features described in this chapter. You can add or remove many of the features of an Objective Views application by changing the application’s toolbars and menus. For example, adding a toolbar button with the command identifier ID_OD_DRAW_RECT enables a feature that allows the user to draw rectangles on the canvas.
To see the features described in this chapter:
1. Start Visual Studiio.
2. Open the <stingray-installdir>\Samples\Views\Showcase directory. Then, select the Showcase<ver>.sln solution file that corresponds to your version of Visual Studio.
3. Build the application and execute it.