Measurement Property Sheet
The measurement property sheet is a series of property pages that deal with setting the canvas size, units of measurement, drawing scale, and coordinate mapping. This section describes the classes used to implement the measurement property sheet.
Figure 101 – Measurement property sheet
This class encapsulates the measurement property sheet. It contains three property pages: canvas size, drawing scale, and coordinate mapping. A flag value passed into the constructor determines which pages are visible.
The measure property page is the base class for all of the property pages dealing in the measurement property sheet. This class keeps a pointer to an IODRuler interface, so that all types of measurement property pages can perform conversions.
The coordinate mapping page deals with the mapping mode and extents of the viewport. These can be changed on the fly to experiment with different mapping modes.
Figure 102 – Coordinate mapping page
The canvas size page allows the user to set the size of the canvas in real world units, such as inches. This is dependent on the information in the coordinate mapping and drawing scale pages.
The drawing scale page shows how logical units are translated into real world units. These can be changed dynamically to experiment with different settings.
Figure 103 – Drawing scale page