Text Components
The text component defines a single line of text within a rectangle. You can assign a text component a line color and style as well as a fill color and style. The font used to draw the text is a property of a text component. It includes a color and point size.
This is derived from CEdit and is the edit box that pops up when the user changes the text of a component in-place on the viewport. It performs some special processing of key messages so as not to confuse the controller.
A label component is a special case of a text component. A label is a text component that is associated with a CODSymbolComponent. It is not only a child of the symbol. The end-user can position it at an arbitrary point relative to the symbol. You can also set it to a specific orientation with respect to the symbol. For example, you could set the label so it is centered below the symbol.
In addition to maintaining the same properties as a text component, a label also maintains an orientation with respect to a symbol.