Product Features
Objective Views is a robust, feature-rich library that includes full source code and no run-time licensing fees. It supports
*a comprehensive component, property, and event model for graphical objects on a canvas
*translation, rotation, and scaling of graphical components using transformation matrix
*flexible Model-Viewport-Controller (MVC) architecture
*extensible command architecture with unlimited levels of undo and redo
*scrolling, panning, zooming, and drag-scrolling on the canvas
*snap to grid, ruler guides, and page settings
*support for text components, single and multiple line, and word wrap
*text labels for symbols, with a variety of orientation options
*the import and export of Windows enhanced metafiles (.wmf)
*connecting symbols via ports
*navigating symbols on a canvas as a directed or undirected graph
*accurate real-world measurement of objects on the canvas
*OLE drag-and-drop
*OLE document server
*usage of BSP trees and caching of GDI objects
*Symbol Designer, a utility for drawing symbols for use in your applications