The Tree View Classes
The hierarchy for the tree view contains many classes; however, typically you only need to work with SECTreeView and SECListView.
Figure 109 – The Objective Toolkit Tree View Class Hierarchy
The SECTreeView class has the same core code as SECTreeCtrl with the exception of its base classes. In fact, this class has the same API as an SECTreeCtrl with the addition of CView inherited members. Like the SECTreeCtrl class, SECTreeView multi-column support is provided through the supporting SECListView class. The SECTreeView also has print and print preview support.
This is a supporting class for the SECTreeView class. Although the SECTreeView class manages the first column, which is the tree structure itself, the SECListView class manages any additional columns in the tree control. This class is not supported outside the scope of the SECTreeView class.