Shortcut Bar Styles
The following table lists the short bar styles that you can specify in calls to the Create() or ModifyBarStyles() methods.
Table 30 – Shortcut Bar Styles 
Shortcut bar style
Orients the shortcut bar vertically. This is the default orientation.
Orients the shortcut bar horizontally. This is not a default style.
Draws a button-down look for the bar when it is pressed. This is not the default style.
Enables the display of a context menu when the user clicks the right mouse button on the shortcut bar. You can associate the displayed menu with the shortcut bar via the SECShortcutBar::SetBarMenu() method. This is not the default style.The context menu associated with this flag does not appear when an SECShortcutListCtrl window is right clicked. SECShortcutListCtrl has its own context menu that is displayed in response to a right click.
Enables animated scrolling. This is not the default style.
Draws the focus rectangle on the contained bars when they are given the focus. This is not the default style.
The default style for the shortcut bar when none is specified. This style is the same as specifying (WS_VISIBLE | WS_CHILD | SEC_OBS_VERT).