The SECZoomView class supports automatic zooming of a view. SECZoomView supports two modes— zoom to fit and normal zoom. In zoom to fit mode, the view is automatically zoomed to fit the current size of the window. In zoom normal mode, the application indicates when to zoom by specifying either a zoom rectangle or a zoom percentage.
SECPanView builds on SECZoomView and adds panning support. Panning enhances scrolled windows by letting the user grab the view and scroll it in any direction by moving the mouse. In addition to basic panning support, SECPanView also provides an overview window, SECPanWnd, that lets the user see and manipulate the entire view.
SECPanWnd implements an overview window that shows the user a miniature overview of the complete view. The currently visible region of the view is outlined by a dotted rectangle. The user can move the dotted rectangle to change the currently visible area. If the user updates or scrolls the view, SECPanWnd is automatically updated to reflect the changes.