Menu Bar Classes
The following figure is of the class hierarchy for the menu bar classes.
Figure 79 – Objective Toolkit Menu Bar Class Hierarchy
SECMenuBar replaces your normal menu with a dockable bar that resembles the Visual Studio and Office 97 menus. A simple button class represents the menu bar buttons that display the appropriate HMENU when clicked. Because SECMenuBar derives from SECCustomToolBar, you can customize the menu bar when used it is used in conjunction with SECToolBarManager. Refer to Chapter 6, “Customizable Toolbars,” for more information. In addition, you can include bitmaps with menus so they look like the most current menus. Integrating this class into an existing application that uses the SECToolBarManager takes as little as three lines of code.
SECMDIMenuBar is an SECMenuBar derivative that handles the system menu and caption buttons when an MDI child window is maximized. The rest of its features are the same as the SECMenuBar class.
See the three MDI samples in the samples\toolkit\MFC\docking\menubar subdirectory for information on using this class.