Stingray Studio : Objective Toolkit User’s Guide : Chapter 5 Look and Feel Styles
Chapter 5 Look and Feel Styles
Objective Toolkit, along with the SFLEx libraries, provide developers with components that simulate Visual Studio application styles or themes, such as APPSTYLE_OFFICE_*, where * denotes XP, BLUE, BLACK, SILVER, AQUA or 2003. Other application styles include APPSTYLE_WIN_2000, APPSTYLE_WIN_XP, APPSTYLE_VS_2005, APPSTYLE_VS_2008, and APPSTYLE_WIN_7.
NOTE >> You cannot dynamically switch between look-and-feel styles without some noticeable drawing side effects with toolbar buttons.
Stingray Studio now has a generalized mechanism for enabling supported look and feel styles. See “Microsoft Vista Classic Style” for a description of this mechanism. The previous mechanisms described in “Visual Studio .NET/Office XP Style” and “Microsoft Office 2003 Style” still work.