Chapter 9 Image Classes
The Objective Toolkit image classes provide basic support for viewing the most popular graphic image types. With our image classes, you can create applications that read, display, write, convert, and manipulate images.
The image classes are viewer helpers. Although the image classes read and display the standard image formats (and some of their variations), we do not support the multitude of possible options for each format and the intricacies of converting from one to another. Some of the known restrictions are listed in the following sections.
The Objective Toolkit image classes are contained in the Stingray Foundation Library. To avoid naming conflicts, these classes are wrapped in the stingray::foundation namespace. To use these classes you must either:
*Add this namespace reference wherever these classes are used.
*Map the entire namespace with:
using namespace stingray::foundation;
NOTE >> Exporting an entire namespace into your project is not a good way to maintain compartmentalization; it can possibly cause naming conflicts.
If you include the component header files instead of secall.h, the namespace is exported to your project automatically. For example:
#include “Toolkit\ot_secdib.h”
The Getting Started part discusses this topic in greater detail. Look for details about the image classes in the Foundation Class Reference instead of the Objective Toolkit Class Reference.
NOTE >> Several other “Objective Toolkit” classes are also part of the Stingray Foundation Library— including color well controls and certain parts of the Layout Manager.