Shortcut Bar Styles
Table 33 lists the bar styles that can be applied to shortcut bars.
Table 33 – Shortcut bar styles 
Shortcut bar style
Orients the shortcut bar vertically. This is the default orientation.
Orients the shortcut bar horizontally. This style is yet to be implemented.
Uses a hand cursor for the bar objects, similar to MS Outlook. The default behavior is to use the arrow cursor.
By default bar switching is animated. Setting this style disables the animation.
Moving the cursor over any of the bars in the shortcut bar will highlight it. Setting this style disables this effect.
When this style is set, right-clicking the shortcut bar will result in a WM_TABBAR_CNTXTMENU message being sent to the owner window. The wParam of the message is the index of the active bar while the IParam contains a menu handle that the shortcut bar displays upon return. Handling this message allows the shortcut bar's parent to customize the context menu.