The Shortcut Bar Classes
Figure 102 – Shortcut bar class hierarchy
The SECATLShortcutBarWnd class is the windowed version of the shortcut bar that has been tailored for use in an ATL environment. In addition to the SFL base classes, SECATLShortcutBarWnd derives from SECShortcutBarComp and also ATL's CWindowImpl. CShortcutBarComp ties up the MVC triad and provides the common interface for the four variants of the shortcut bar; the CWindowImpl lineage provides the requisite windowing support.
SECATLShortcutBarHosted derives from the SECShortcutBarComp base class and provides the non-windowed version of the ATL component. When using SECATLShortcutBarHosted, the parent housing the control is expected to provide the window handle; that is, it should implement the SFL IVisualWindow interface.
Like the ATL implementations, the SECMFCShortcutBarWnd and SECMFCShortcutBarHosted classes respectively provide the windowed and non-windowed versions of the shortcut bar for use in an MFC-only environment.